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Hi all

We have the following requirement in Optimizer:

Order with one production activity and one handling resource activity.

Is there any option to optimize just prodution activity within one period range if the handling resource activity is not in the period range?

In some products I have goods recepits days but no all.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Carlos,

If I understand your question correctly currently when you are trying to run the PP/DS optimizer for some of the orders the GR time is falling outside your time profile parameters due to which the PP/DS optimizer is not rescheduling those orders. If this is the question, then you will need to implement the PP/DS optimizer BADI /SAPAPO/CDPS_OPTDATA, using the methods SET_BEFORE_DATA_DOWNLOAD and SET_AFTER_DATA_DOWNLOAD, manipulate the GR time to say 1 sec. This shall help, consider those orders by the pp/ds optimizer and shall resolve your issue.

Hope this helps



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