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One Delivery and 2 Separate Sales Invoices - SAP Business One V10 FP2108 SQL

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AdvanceOne Limited

Raju Parmar (

SAP Business One Version 10 FP 2108 – MSSQL 2017

We have a Government Requirement as follows:

One Delivery is made to a Government Agency of Item A 100 Units.

During Invoicing 2 separate Sales Invoices should be made as follows:

70% (70 Units) of the Invoice Value should go to theDistrict (Customer X) with PriceList 02 and

30% (30 Units) of Invoice Value should go to Government Agency (Customer Y) with PriceList 03.

Both the Sales Invoices A) and B) should reference to the same Delivery.

Has anyone come across such a scenario or have a work around.

Any assistance will be highly appreciated.


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Standard SAP will not allow this. Relationship between Delivery and invoice will no longer exist the moment you change the business partner.

This can be addressed as follows: - 

1. create a stand alone invoice in the name of second customer and attach the delivery document in the referenced document under accounting tab and then the data can be pulled with the help of custom report and open quantities to be controlled through TN.

There is no other way to handle this.