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On what basis or config are the meter icons activated. Could someone please help.

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SAP Work manager 6.5 with meter management 2.3 version. On what basis or config are the meter install, meter remove, meter replace icons activated. We have used a custom order type and updated the config. Still somehow we are wondering why the meter replace and meter remove icons are still not active. Could someone please help.

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Prasanna and team,

Hello. With respect to what basis or config are the meter install, meter remove, meter replace icons activated? With respect to this, the data tied to icons may use Agentry rules.

1. The step is to open the Agentry editor while loading the Work Manager file (From what you downloaded from the software center).

2. You may use the Eclipse Search menu and tab for the Agentry search and use any keywords tied to the icon or status that you want.

3. From the search results, try to see among what was returned which one are "Rules" type.

4. From what you discover (double click what you want), you may select the one that may be the closest one to see the logic behind or the reason behind how the meter install, meter remove or meter icons are activated.

Another option is to look in the Dependency panel of Eclipse to see if for what items you found you may see what is related to the rule you are looking for. You may use this for tracing the logic. Very useful in debugging the flow.

SAP appreciates your continued usage of our SAP Community Network. SAP hopes that with this simple knowledge share that we can do for the community others may benefit from the knowledge gain. Please share to your colleagues so that they may used this knowledge to benefit the project.

Best Regards,

Mark Pe

SAP Support General Office