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No Events shown in the Execution Tab of a Freight order

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Dear All,

I have been struggling with the following issue for days now:

I have integrated EM and TM as presented by the configuration guide and have gone through a Trouble Shooting document presented on this platform. However, I am not able to see any pre defined expected Events in the execution tab of the freight order. In contrast to that I am able to see expected Events in the execution tab of the Freight Unit.

My ApplicationObj. is ODT20_TO / FU. All settings in the Freight Unit type have been made according to the configuration guide.

Also, no Event Handlers for ODT20_TO are being created, which leads to my question whether there is an additional transaction that needs to be executed before this happens. Again, Event Handlers for ODT20_FU are being created.

If you need any further information details please let me know. EM and TM are working on the same server.

Thank you in advance.

regards Marcel

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Answers (2)

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Hi Daniel,

I have followed up your advices and figured that all these Settings have been made. Additionally, nothing  in the queue.

Are there any other points where I could start trouble shooting?



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Did you check the application log? Any information there?

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so the issue that needs to be solved is that no event handlers get created for the freight orders - the expected events will only be available if the corresponding event handler exists.

So I guess, you checked already the following points:

  • Freight Order Type has the correct application object type ODT20_TO
  • Application object type ODT20_TO is enabled (EM Relevance of Appl. Obj.)
  • Nothing is stucked in a queue
  • Parameter mapping is set-up in EM customizing for ODT20_TO (IMG: Define Parameter Mapping -> Assing Profile to Mapping Area)

Normally the event handler should be created then for the freight order as well. Did you check the application log (TA: SLG1)?

Best regards, Daniel