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Negative quantity in /SCWM/NQUAN table

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Hi PI experts,

I have counted and posted a difference in PI (add extra products from other bins), I found that GM has been triggered twice and for the second GM, the quantity in NQUAN table is negative, could anyone help me to understand this?

Besides, stock index table IW03 will have two records with document category WI1, is this kind of documents used for Difference Analyzer?


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Hi Eric,

It's not very clear what exactly you mean by GM triggered twice.
When you post PI document system will first create a PI WT to add or reduce EWM stock. Then system will create an entry in difference analyzer which is used for sync to ECC. I guess the negative quantity in /LIME/NQUAN is for entry in difference analyzer.

IW03 is for PDO or PI related stock, so yes it should have entry in /SCWM/STOCK_IW03.

Best regards,