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Multiple Freight Units are getting created for a delivery line item has only one quantity

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Dear SAP TM experts,

Today we have found an issue in the production system that one delivery has a only one line item and it has quantity 1 .

FU created based on DTR in the morning 8am. Later another FU created in the afternoon for the same line item in the delivery.

How it could be created multiple FU for the same line item having qty 1 in the delivery..?

please help me if you have any idea.

In FUBR strategy : Consolidate per request.

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Check the FUBR rule,maybe the rule is based on Kg/Ton and this item are splitting in 2 FUs.

Also check if the Delivery was cancelled and not reflected on TM side.


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Thank you Rogerio for your quick response.

Under FUBR: planning quantities are defined as like below...

Gross volume --> UOM of Split quantity : M3 --> Split quantity --> 60
Gross weight --> UOM of Split quantity : KG --> Split quantity --> 25000 (Twenty five thousand)

In my delivery the line item has weight is 0.380 KG only and has only one qty.

I can see 2 FU under one delivery itself. one was created in the morning and later Freight order was created and then some changes happened in the delivery then again one more FU created and lying in the Transport cockpit (which is not suppose to pick it up as because first FU already processed from EWM and product delivered to customer).

But i observed one strange thing from first FU and second FU is..

In First FU: the Gross Volume UOM is in CD3

in Second FU : the Gross volume UOM is in M3.

Thanks in advance for your help.