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Material classification data into IBP

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Hi Experts,

Do we have any options without using any middleware ,PI/BW/SQL etc to pull the Material Classification (in MM01/2/3) screen of S4 to IBP ?

  • Material Class
  • Batch
  • Material (Configurable Objects)
  • Variants
  • HANA View Generation (VC)
I know using BW or using SQL as a middleware (source) for IBP, but is there anything where we can pull the data direct from S4 to IBP using CI-DS or so?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Devesh,

If you have a good CI DS colleague, he can create inner joins or use generated ABAP program to extract Material classification details from INOB/AUSP/CAWN tables in S/4 and populate them accordingly in your IBP Product Master data.

There is no need for any other middleware here.



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