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master kit with subkit bacthes

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In our production facility we produce kits.  

Some of our Master kits consist of multiple sub kits and each sub kits has their own batch.

When all sub kits have been produced, the master kit is then packed virtually and get a new batch.

Our problem is the following:

The sub kits still have their old batch number on the label, so when the end customer receives it they get confused, because on their packing list the receive the master kit with the master kit batch, and can't match them up against the batches on the labels.

Relabeling the sub kit with the master kit batch is not an option. Furthermore, it is not an option to buy the sub kit buy itself.

We need somehow for the customer to enter a SO for the main kit, which will "translate" in to sub kits in our end.

So, for example. Customer buys one mater kit that consist of 4 sub kits. So the SO says 1 x A, but when we need to pack the order it will say 1 x B, 1 X C, 1 X D, 1 X E.

When customer receives it their delivery note will say:

1 x  A

BATCH : B - batch

BATCH : C - batch

BATCH : D - batch

BATCH : E - batch

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