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Macros Issue in APO-Demand Planning

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Hi Gurus,

I have to create a macro which will not save the values  if condition fails at Level 2 , screen shot is also attached.  I am able to make the cell Red and information displayed but the problem is its saves the data....can anybody help on this....

   Macros in the Macro Book

       New macro


       New condition

         Cell: SM Budget (  M 01.2013 )


         Cell: HO Budget (  M 01.2013 )

       New step : ( 1 Iterations : M 01.2013; M 01.2013 )

         Row: SM Budget ( Attributes ) =

           CELL_BG( 6 )

         Error [ DSSS ]


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Once you write in the cell, data will be written to livecache. To prevent this, you can

compute in an auxiliary row, copy to final ratio after you pass some IF logic.



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Hi James

Thanx for the solution but it won't work for my requirement.  Anyway it resolve this issue thru Badi Implmentation.

Thanx for the advice..


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