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Logical system has not been assigned to any business grp

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We have converted R/3 system (4.6c) from EBCDIC to ASCII. R/3 is integrated with SCM 5.0. Everything was fine before conversion. After Conversion, in SCM qRFC Monitor Inbound Queue (TCODE = SMQ2), we are getting the

error "Logical system &##ä<+è### has not been assigned to any business

system gr".

Error Message no. SR053

The problem happens because the logical system has strange value

in the inbound queues.

Preblem still persists even after performing various things:

Re-created and Activated the CIF Integration Models

Checked all settings in both systems


Checked table CIFLOOKU

Any ideas are highly appreciated? Thanks

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Answers (3)

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Dear devendar,

You can try out the below setting in SCM side:

SPRO -> Integration with SAP Component -> Integration with APO Core interface (CIF) -> Basic setting for Data Transfer -> Publication -> Maintain distibution definition.

Here You have to provide Pub type, location and logical system of ECC connected to APO. Hope it will solve your problem, Delete different logical system is availbaleif for same pub type and location combination.


Ajit Samal

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Have you checked on R/3 side the settings:

SALE->Sending and rec. systems->Logical systems->Define logical system

SALE->Sending and rec. systems->Logical systems->Assign Client to Logical System



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thanks。 I have the same issues. like this:

Logical system I11CLNT800 has not been assigned to any business system group

Message no. /SAPAPO/CIF007

System Response

The data cannot be assigned to a logical system.


Check if the logical system has been maintained, and assign the logical system to the business system group.

the I11CLNT800 is my ECC logic system. I had assigned it to ECC Client 800,and a BSG I11800 in APO system.

Can u give me any suggestions?

before, someone had suggested me to define partner profile in WE20 and WE21, but they does not work.

waiting on desk


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Do you have a BSG associated with each of the R/3 systems? As you are getting data from 3 different systems, the SCM system needs to figure out the difference. Check in SPRO>Integration via APO CIF>Basic settings>Maintain BSGs.

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Yes..Checked in SPRO and BSG entries looks correct..