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Location Product Substitution- SAP IBP (Infinite Heuristics)

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Hi Team,

We are using SAP Infinite heuristics to propagate demand from Finished goods to their Components. Pretty straightforward demand propagation, nothing fancy. However, we are also using Location Product Substitution master data (PROMOTION Reason Code) for some of the components. This is just to transfer the net demand from leading component to the substitute component during the promotion phase. This works fine, if the substitute component is used to substitute demand for just 1 leading product. However, interchangeability master data is completely ignored if the same substitute is used for multiple leading products (master data screen shot below- 2 different leading products) and no net demand gets transferred to the substitute at all.

The behavior above is also mentioned in the SAP help portal where it says that 1 substitute can only be used for 1 leading product however, logically it doesn't make sense as 1 substitute can be used to substitute multiple leading products in several business scenarios. Has anyone else experience this & found a workaround (maybe through attribute transformation)? Please share your views.





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