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Location Masters Transported to TM after ECC to S4 HANA upgrade

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Hi All,

We have a current SAP TM system in a sidecar scenario. Shipping points and Plants are transferred to this SAP TM system using DRF from an ECC system for which the locations are created in SAP TM system.

However when the current ECC system will converted to S4 HANA, we no longer will have the objects 'Shipping point - DRF_0045_L' and Plants - 464_L. The Location master will have to be created in S4 HANA and then transferred to SAP TM using Locations 189_1.

Few questions here:

1. Will this create a duplicate entry for Shipping point/Plant locations in table '/SAPAPO/LOC' that are transferred again from New SAP S4 HANA system using DRF.

2. If yes, How do we ensure that the TM system always considers the New Location transferred from SAP S4 HANA and not the one from ECC>

3. Is there a way to Delete, the existing Shipping points/Plant locations transferred over from ECC.

4. If the Old Location masters are deleted, what happens to the FO/FB who are already in process and using them.

5. Are there any best practices to handle this situation for Open Fright orders and Bookings.

With Regards,

Sandeep A. Walekar

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