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Location Downtime in calendar resource

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I have a one doubt.

once a downtime is maintained in a calendar and a location is added, the expectation would be that this downtime is only considered for the specific location. But it is considered for all locations which have this resource assigned.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Hermanth,

I hope this helps, there are two different concepts involved:

  • Operating Times: This applies to locations and it will impact every applicable location regardless of the resources that will visit.
  • Downtimes: This applies to resources and it will impact every applicable resource regardless of the location
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Thanks for answering Bernal.

This means , if we give downtime to specific location in a calendar resource , it’ll take this downtime to all locations.
1. Then what is the use of location column under downtime in calendar resource.
2. If we want to apply the downtime for a specific location in a calendar resource, what to do?


Hello Hermanth,

It means that, every downtime defined in a calendar resource, will apply to all the locations that had this calendar resource assigned.

1. Just adding a location in the location field while defining the Calendar Resource will not assign that calendar resource to the location, I haven't find a use for that field when defining calendar resources. When you use this field when defining Handling Resources (HR), is easier to assign the HRs to locations as the help list when you hit F4 will show only those HRs assigned to that specific location, but the system does not behave this way for calendar resources.

2. To apply a downtime to a specific location, you will first need to define the calendar resource reflecting this downtime and then assign this new calendar resource as an operating time to the location (TRX /SCMTMS/LOC3)

Good luck!

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Hi Bernal,

Thanks for reply.

I agree with you.
Even I assigned calendar resource to specific location although it considering downtime to all locations of the calendar resource.
So my doubts are

1) Is there any procedure to analysis the downtime behaviour?

2) How to we know( Identify) , when and where this downtime considering by system?

3) What is the difference between Downtime and planning Horizon? (Downtimes differ from a regular, scheduled non-working time based on the factory calendar or the shift sequence (for example, break or holiday).



lets see..

1.- I Usually check this in the Gantt Chart when I assign Handling Resources, its easy to visualize how locations are impacted by them, not sure if it will also work for operating times. It takes a bit more time to understand but you can also see this in the Optimizer explanation tool, there is a specific section that refers to location downtimes in the pre-processing stage.

2.- same answer, Gantt I hope Gantt chart provides you with that visibility.

3.-this are two completely separate concepts, Downtimes refer to a non-operating time. Planning Horizon refers to the time window that the optimizer has to plan the pick-up and delivery of FUs.

Tip - check the calendar assigned to your vehicle resources, if you assigned some country calendar (US, MX, etc) Weekends are usually non-labor days and they will behave as downtimes, to avoid this you can assign W8 calendar to them.

Tip2 - check the scheduling tab in the planning profile, you can define relevance and source of downtimes for locations.

Thanks for spending your valuable time on my doubts and to give clear explanation to my each and every questions. It’ll helps a lot to me.
Such a sweet reply from sweet person 🙂

Your inspired me a lot

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