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Limit warehouse order creation per Product

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Dear Experts,

I want to limit the Warehouse order creation per Product. I gone through the BADI's given for WOCR. But nothing matching my required. Please suggest your answers if you come across this situation in the past.

During the fixed bin replenishment process, I want to create one warehouse order per Product per source AA. if multiple product involved in replenishment run, system should create separate WO for each Product.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


there are different options, but this is depending what you have.

First of all I would question: if you want to limit per product - does that mean you have more then one WT per product? So different source bins?

If you have only one WT: then a limit rule using "Max items per WO" would be enough.

If you have multiple WTs, meaning it comes from different source bins: I suppose if it is fixed bin replenishment, the destination bin would be the same (otherwise, I also don't think that your requirement makes sense). In that case you can use the field "field to limit warehouse order size" in the limit rule. In there you have the destination bin.

Unfortunately in the table for this field the product / material is not available in the standard. But the F1 help for this field describes the BAdIs to enhance this ("You can also use a custom field to limit warehouse order size. You can fill custom fields in warehouse tasks using BAdI: Internal Warehouse Task Creation (/SCWM/EX_CORE_CR_INT_CR) or BAdI: Overwriting of Consolidation Grp and Filling of Custom Fields in WTs (/SCWM/EX_WHO_DSTGRP)").




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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Juergen, thanks for your reply. In my case I have multiple WT's per product from different source bin. We achieved it by enhancing BADI: overwrite of limit value.

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Hello Satheesh,

I have the same requirement. Could you please elaborate how have you used this BADI.


Suman Verma