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Issue with creating inbound delivery from Purchase order

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I was trying to create an inbound delivery from a PO. But when i'm trying to create inbound delivery via VL31n, I'm getting a error " Enter a material or an item category".

Please do let me know why this issue is coming and how to resolve the issue?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Maybe you can check configuration in logistic execution > shipping > deliveries > define item category determination in deliveries. Make sure to check delivery type EL and your item category in material master already maintained. Usually we use standard item category NORM.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Hello Jones,

Probable reason can be missing config for Delivery item category. Please check below config path in SPRO:

Logistics Execution -> Shipping -> Delivery -> Define item category determination in deliveries


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Two questions

  1. Did you maintain Confirmation Control key to that PO ?
  2. Did you try with MIGO ?

Also please more information on what the Business process is and what type of PO against which, you were trying VL31N

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To answer your question,

1. Yes Confirmation key was maintained against the PO.

2. no, i haven't tried MIGO.

I'm trying to do an inbound process for Transportation. From supplier to a plant. After creating the PO, i have tried to create inbound deliveries using VL31n.on creating deliveries, Freight un are expected to be created.