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Issue while copying keyfigures A value to B Keyfigure for two buckets only in planning book

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Hi All,

We are facing strange issue while copying values from A keyfigure to B keyfigure for two buckets 01.2022 and 02.2022. The data is same for all buckets and issue having for one selection id and for two buckets. For two bucket only few data is copying but for all it is copying correctly. We have simple macro written where we have three keyfigures. A,B and C keyifgures. Where we are are marking the column and assigning values like 10000 to keyfiures C and then we are copying A figure data by checking C having value to Keyfigure B. (If C keyfigure have value then only it will copy the data from A to B)

Macro logic written,

if C >0 then B=A and C=0.



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