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Issue between SAPIBP1 and SAP7F planning areas

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Hello everyone,

I am having the following question.

I have a time series based planning area SAPIBP1 which is connected with S/4Hana through CI-DS and in parallel I have another planning area for order based planning with flexible master data based on SAP7F using RTI.

I am building a use case with common master data in both PAs.

For example after the integration to SAPIBP1, I have a product ID in SAPIBP1 'FG123' at plant 1010 and it is sold to customer '0010100001'.

On the other hand, in SAP7F after the integration I have the same product which has a product ID 'FG123@AB1110', location ID 'PL1010@AB1110' and customer ID 'CU0010100001@AB1110'. The AB1110 is actually my S/4HANA system and client - AB1/110.

The issue is that I cannot use a copy operator to copy my demand KF from SAPIBP1 to SAP7F to the forecast unconstrained KF for example, because the data is not the same - product FG123 is 'FG123@AB1110' in the SAP7F PA.

The planning level of the source key figure is WKPRODLOCCUST and in the target key figure in SAP7F is DAYPRODLOCDEMAND , whereas the product, location and customer are set as root attributes similar to WKPRODLOCCUST in SAPIBP1.

How can this issue be resolved? Is there any setting in OBP where the master data could be set up without the '@AB1110' for the product, location and customer?


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did u find an answer to this ?

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No, not yet.

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Hi Julian,

Can you check for the BADI in S4 system



In these we Construct the IBP-product name by adding the System ID and client number.

Once its send to IBP then I am not sure whether we have any settings to remove these assignments coming via BADI to Master data in IBP. I guess we need to control them at BADI level before entering to IBP.

Let me know if this helps and for additional Details,

Akhilesh Agarwal


That products come over with a suffix and customer numbers with a prefix is NOT SAP standard.

Your own company has implemented the BADI mentioned by Akhilesh. Within these BADI you can define Pre-/Suffixes.


- either you remove the BADI implementation (meaning you need to remove all data including the material mapping table and the location mapping table),

- or you apply the same logic within your CI-DS flow. In any case, you need to make sure that the ID are identical between SAPIBP1 and SAP7F

Otherwise you will not be able to use any copy operator (without additional nasty workarounds), and it would be very unconvenient for business users



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Dear Julian,

If you create new master data in SAP7F planning area and create the same material code in SAP7F as your material code is in SAPIBP1, and sync and copy them while copying, will the problem be solved?