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Invoice collaboration - general question

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We are implementing SNC for PO collaboration and we would like the vendors to create Invoice. However we have an existing interface with our clearing agent to get the ASN information. Can someone tell me if we would like to have invoice collaboration, do we have to have ASN in SNC? Anyone with similar situation, what's the best practice? Can we still have the vendor create ASN and just not send it to ECC (use only for Invoice).

Thank you for your time.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Soumen,

You can create invoice with reference to Purchase order or ASN.

Depending upon company's business process you can decide Invoice creation should be with reference to PO or ASN.

In SNC you can configure invoice creation with reference to PO or ASN.

As you will be aware of Company's (who is implementing SNC) business process you can suggest whether there is any need for supplier to create ASN for PO or not.

If ASN creation is needed then go for invoice creation with reference to ASN otherwise invoice creation with reference to PO.

You can also set validation for invoice creation with reference to ASN should be allow only if GR is done for this ASN.

Please see the SAP help link



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