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Implementing individual texts in freight orders

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Hello experts,

In a recent case we need to implement a way to give the user who handles freight orders certain information via text.

In standard deliveries there's a way to implement texts as pop-ups for the user. Is there an equivalent to that for freight orders?

Other ways to relay texts to the freight order (maybe even based on the chosen carrier) would suffice as well, it doesn't have to be a pop up.

In freight orders there are tabs called "Attachments" and "Notes". Is there a way to insert certain texts based on the chosen carrier somewhere in there perhaps?



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Dependence of the Text type you need to insert based on Partner function is possible:

It will be available for print address or Signature:

If you need to have a Fix text for in all Freight Document you can use the

using it based on a TEXT created in the SO10 :

This text will always show if a Freight Document is created and have the Text scheme assigned in the Doc Type.

This blog help you to created a customizing:

Demystifying text determination – how to implement some basic use-cases | SAP Blogs

2370187 - How to Configure Correct Propagation of Notes (Text) in SAP Transportation Management - SA...





You can do customization to transfer texts in Freight order from sales order or deliveries. updating texts in freight order based on career will be a development.

n case requirement is to update text based on career from Sales order or delivery then you may determine carrier as a Forwarding agent in sales document and write some code to update text accordingly. In case need is to update code after TM subcontracting then it would be a z-development in TM side.