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Ideal order/sequence of using SAP IBP modules from an end-users (data flow) point of view?

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Since this is a high-level overview question, a bit of IBP overview first:

SAP IBP enables an organization to bring all its supply chain planning processes together under one roof: reporting, planning, and executing using the same data set. It includes 6 modules:

  • SAP Supply Chain Control Tower
  • Sales and Operations Planning ('S&OP')
  • Forecasting and Demand Management ('Demand')
  • Inventory Planning and Optimization ('Inventory')
  • Demand-Driven Replenishment ('DDR') & Demand-Driven Material-Requirements Planning ('DDMRP')
  • Response and Supply Planning ('Response & Supply')
  • Of course, no two businesses are identical, and no two businesses use any software in the same way. However, idealizing typical use-cases of SAP IBP into a generalized best-practices scenario, on a very basic level:

    From an end-users / data flow point of view, what would be a natural progression to use the different SAP IBP apps in an ordered sequence, i.e. which end-users would ideally first use which of the 6 modules above. Or which modules, in the best case scenario, require the outputs of other modules; whereas some are more intended to be used in parallel with one another.

    To make things easier perhaps, we could imagine a completely new company, going for SAP Greenfield. How would the data start to flow within IBP typically/ideally?

    Or is such a logical natural order impossible to idealize?

    Many thanks for your inputs. I hope it can help to communicate SAP IBP on a high level overview.

    If there exists any such logical progression, perhaps we can convert the insights into a BPMN diagram, if not existent yet.

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