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IBP_to_ERP_PIR_via_RFC - replace Demand in ERP version

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Hello gurus.

we use IBP_to_ERP_PIR_via_RFC in CPI DS to integrate Demand in from IBP to ERP.

"If the $G_DELETE_OLD global variable is set to 'X', planned independent requirements for the location material are deleted"

But we need to delete (replace) data for all products in the target version on the ERP side even if they are absent inn current data load. Because old demand will left there for unused products as now it will delete data for products from integration flow. only

Is there any suggestions how to do it?

Kind Regards,



Consider to run Re-organize process MD75/74 using key dates / or relative dates on scheduled basis to do clean up, as residual requirements are left unconsumed.


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