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IBP SOP - Can the heuristic plan multiple transports on the same week?

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I have a supply network where multiple locations are supplied with 8 products from a DC. We are using LOTSIZEPOLICY = 5. This means a location has a shipment planned every X weeks for a given product. However, since demand and initialinventory are different for each product in each location, this results in multiple shipments of individual products.

Is there a way to have the Time-Series-Based Supply Planning Heuristic plan these shipments on a single week? Manually adjusting values for each location is unfeasible, since there are nearly 130 locations, each receiving 8 products.

We are working with SAP IBP SOP 2111.

Looking forward to your comments!

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Not sure but you can check planning calendar functionality (Assigned to location source) if it can meet your requirement.

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I looked into it, but it won't work for this because the locations have different lead times and then working the right calendars for each location would be unfeasible.

Thanks anyway!

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We ended up doing this. It's not a very elegant solution but it works. There are several sets of calendars that allow shipments once every other week, every two weeks and every four weeks. We then have additional calendars for each cycle (2 calendars for the 'every other week', 3 calendars for the every three weeks cycle and 4 for the one every 4 weeks).

I'm writing this down in case anyone else runs into this problem again 🙂

Also, the client runs the algorithm and then adjusts the master data to change the assigned calendars until a good solution is found.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have this problem!

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