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IBP Excel Addin: log in with customized URL to overcome 2nd factor authentication


Hi community,

I have a challenge regarding giving SAP Support "IBP Excel Addin" access so that they can reproduce errors in our IBP Instances. They told me that they can create technical users on their own, but to reproduce issues, they often need a business user (technical user is not sufficient).

My challenge is the authentication procedure: we have configured the SAP IAS to act as a proxy, so that all authentication requests are forwarded to our company IAS. In addition, 2 factor autentication is active and shall not be activated for security reasons.

For access to the Web UI, we have a workaround: we created a specific business user which also exists on the SAP IAS. By a specific customized URL (like the original IBP login screen will be presented to SAP Support so that they can login with user and password (skipping the 2nd factor). But for IBP Excel Addin this workaround does not work because the Excel Addin does not accept the customized URL - when I tried to use it, it is always shortened to

Do you know any option to overcome this (e.g. editing the URL used by the Excel Addin somewhere, maybe in the registry or in a configuration file) - or any other solution to give SAP Support access to our IBP instances via Excel Addin with a business user without switching off the 2nd factor?

Best regards, Matthias

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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I would suggest to check with SAP support team if any solution or workaround can be suggested.

If SAP support can't support then you can submit an enhancement request with Customer Influence Program for IBP via the following link

Best Regards,


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Hi Lingaiah,

thanks for your suggestions.

Last time I had this case, SAP support was not able to provide a workaround.

I will consider to submit an improvement request. Good idea!

Best regards,


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Hi Matthias,

An Improvement Request already exist on this matter and there is really no current workaround for it, so you may consider up-voting the existing one:


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Thanks for your hint Ivan - I voted! Cheers, Matthias

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I was interested to see this question since we have the same issue.

I was disappointed to see that Improvement Request 211712 is in status: Decision:Violating design rules - will not be developed

Hopefully SAP can figure out another way to allow their developer and support resources to access both the Web UI and Excel UI for IBP in order to reproduce and resolve issues. Or maybe they already have and I simply have not yet come across their solution? Regards, 😄

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