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IBP Excel Add-In Layout: show attribute's names/titles showing in front of columns (& rows too)?

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The IBP Excel Add-In can display an attribute's title/name/header on top of the rows. See for example cell B4.

However, for attributes that are in the columns of the layout. For example D2 & E2.

How can we get their attribute's title/name/header to display in the row to the left? For example to get their 'Attribute's title' in C2?

And how can we prevent from hardcoding this, such that it will dynamically adjust as one removes and adds attributes in the planning view? Settings > Options > 'Display header name' only does this for rows, I believe?

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Hi Vincent,

Please go to Edit View > Layout > Move Attributes to Column Axis and then tick the Display Header Name in Formatting. The header name will change dynamically as per your chosen attribute.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Sittinut R.

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Hi Vincent,

I works for column too and is dynamic as shown below


Rahul Mohnot