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IBP Demand Sensing not working as expected

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I tried to do small POC on demand sensing. Below is my scenario:

I have copied the unified planning area and changed the planning levels DAYDELIVERY and DAYSALESORDER as I was not modelling orders data and was loading the data manually from excel. Activated the planning area and starting loading data. I have:

1. Around 13 weeks of past delivery data, which was loaded to DELIVQTY key figure.

2. Around 13 weeks of confirmed orders data, this was loaded to CONFQTY key figure.

3. Around past 13 weeks and future 5 weeks of forecast data, this was loaded to STATISTICALFORECASTQTY key figure.

4. The same STATISTICALFORECASTQTY was copied to DEMANDPLANNINGQTY_REV key figure and was loaded as snapshot. Only 1 revision was loaded.

When the demand sensing full algorithm was run, the DEMANDPLANNINGQTY was copied as SENSEDDEMAND. Which pretty much makes sense as the data I had was equally distributed @ day / week level. (70 quantity per week = 10 quantity per day) both forecast and deliveries and future orders.

Now even when I change the confirmed orders (past and future) / future orders / delivered quantity, and run demand sensing update algorithm, the sensed demand is not getting updated and remains same no matter what. It is acting as if it is directly proportional to DEMANDPLANNINGQTY which should not be the case.

Please help on below questions :

1. Is there something I'm missing from the above scenario as I believe demand sensing update algorithm should react to the changes done to confirmed orders / future orders / delivered quantity changes and change the sensed demand output accordingly?

2. Is there a way to dis-aggregate consensus demand feed at weekly level to daily buckets based on shipment history and to visualize this output from excel addin. (Is this one of the step done by demand sensing algorithm)?

Any help / insight on above topics would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards

Anil Rudrappa

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Hi Anil,

I am facing the same issue now.Could you please let us know how did you resolve the your issue ?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anil,

Can you load DEMANDPLANNINGQTY_REV snapshot key figure more historical revisions?

Load at least 52 weeks of DELIVQTY, CONFQTY key figures to generate better demand sensing forecast. Try this and let me know still DEMANDPLANNINGQTY and SENSEDDEMAND same.

Best Regards,


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