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IBP Copy between different time bucket

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Hi experts,

I’d like to copy some data that is stored in a MTHPRODLOC keyfigure to a keyfigure that is DAYPRODLOC.

I have 30.000 PC for November/23.

I’d like to split this 30.000 PC into days.

I created a Copy Operator as bellow:

After running the copy, the DAYPRODLOC doesn’t show any value. It seems not working.

I expected the value would be divided by 30 (regarding 30 days in November).

Any insights?

Thanks a lot!

Victor Leao

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Answers (1)

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Do you find any Warning message in log of the Copy Job?

Would it be possible to attach the log file here?

You may have a look at the KBA 3009656 - IBP: Advanced Copy Operator - Most asked question, Tips and Tricks

Best regards,