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IBD changing Date of Manufacture (DOM) and Shelf life expiration date (SLED) on material Batch

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We are facing an issue related to Date of Manufacture (DOM) of product batches.

1 - When IBD is created and has DOM and SLED for a material, this information is being held on IBD.

2 - If DOM and SLED are changed on batch MSC2N, this information is not being updated on the IBD already created.

3 - If the IBD is processed (VL06I) and Goods Receipt Posted after batch being changed, the details held on IBD for DOM and SLED are the details from when IBD was created (ignoring the details updated when  Batch was change).
When the IBD processing is completed it updates the material batch with IBD details (DOM and SLED). So it reverts batch details to what is was when IBD was created.

Should it happens? Is it standard for SAP to process the information like that?

Does anyone has a clue on how to fix it?

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