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How to transfer EWM product master from MDG to EWM


Hello community,

as it has not been completely answered in this question:

Is there a SAP Best Practise available how to transfer EWM product master data from MDG to EWM (decentralized), all running on S4HANA.

I'm thinking of two possibilities:

1. Direct transfer from MDG to EWM (either through IDOC or WebServices ?!?)

2. Or first from MDG to ERP and second from ERP to EWM

Regarding option #1: Might be easier to setup but could run into timing issue, e.g. for new material creation, that the product itself has not been transferred from ERP to EWM and product master should be created upfront.

For option #2: Using the existing interfaces between MDG & ERP (Webservices) and ERP to EWM (Idoc) is a plus, but not sure if S4 ERP is capable of handling EWM specific product master data (technically maybe possible as it's the same S4 stack, but if it is intended from SAP ?!?)

Maybe someone can share some experiences...

Kind regards,


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