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How to transfer between 2 EWM warehouses with MRP reservations

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We have the follwoing setup:

MRP AREA 1: Multiple SLOCS

MRP AREA 2: multiple SLOCS

We want to transfer products from MRP area 1 to MRP area 2 based on MRP with reservations.

Reason for reservations is we can also do a manual transfer posting with 311, and this works fine. No need to have multiple EWM processes.

So we set the Special procurement key 45 in MRP AREA 2 and run MRP. This generates a reservation.

Now 3 problems:

1. No issuing storage location.

2. If we setup the BADI for issuing storage location, the reservations become PR's.

3. Default is mvt 311, but SAP will not allow us to do a 1 step transfer posting for EWM to EWM posting. Strange thing is that manual MIGO posting will allow this, but reservation posting does not allow it. I read about changing it to 305 or 315.

Am I correct we need to programm all 3 into the BADI? (Issuing SLOC, Reservation always, mvt 305/315)

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mvt other than 311 tbdcan differ, but problem remains

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