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How to restrict the Planning Operator using the Maintain Business Roles App

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Hi exparts

I would like to restrict the Planning Operator using the Maintain Business Roles App. In this case, besides configuring the executed Planning Operator, do I need to set permissions for reading Source Key Figures and permissions for writing to Target Key Figures? Are there any other configurations required to execute the desired Planning Operator, such as Version-Specific Key Figures and Permission Filters?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Kindly go through the help page which documents available restrictions with respect to Planning Operators.

Available Restrictions | SAP Help Portal

For Planning Operators:
Read Access- Not applicable (do not use)
Write Access- Allows users to execute planning operators of the selected planning areas with specified operator types and operator IDs.

Permission Filters can be use to define access control rules for read and write access to data.

If you would like to restrict a user to schedule a particular Copy Operator only, maintaining restriction on Planning Operator Type and Planning Operator ID would be suffice. Further, if you would like to restrict user to update certain data set only using Copy Operator, then Permission Filters also needs to be created and assigned to the user.

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