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How to remove document mistake from mb1a mvt type 202?

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Hi! I'm still new to using SAP. I used MB1A mvt type 202 to reverse a qty that was within the negatives. However, I did not realize the units I inputted were incorrect. I inserted kilos instead of grams. By the time I noticed I accidentally hit entered and tried to cancel it. However, it still went through.

Is there a way to remove this mistake? I was able to see it on LB11 and MB52, but I don't think I am able to make changes or remove from those t codes. Please help.

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Hello kate_aguirre

You can't correct such a mistake, change quantities or units in an already posted document. You have to cancel it with either MBST or MIGO transactions. If you cancel a 202 movement type, it will be posted with 201 movement type.

Best regards

Dominik Tylczynski