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How to recognized a value being fixed within a macro

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Hi there,

I'm using ROW_VALUES_CHANGED() to check for changed values.

I have a requirement where I need to check for values that habe been fixed/unfixed.

IS_FIXED() doesn't help. It only indicates whether or not the value is fixed.

Any ideas?



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Interesting case. I would try following

1) create a start macro in your planning book and store the info if a cell is fixed or not into a temporary keyfigure (example: value is fixed = 1 , value is not fixed = 0). Depending on how many keyfigures you need to watch this you have to create a temporary keyfigure for every keyfigure accordingly

Forecast Manual --> Temp_ForecastManualFixing

Forecast Adjsutment --> Temp_ForecastAdjustmentFixing

2) depending on when you need the info if a cell has been fix ed or not -create anoher macro to compare the keyfigures with the temp keyfigures and add it to as a Default (every chenge/enter) or as an End Macro (while Saving). In this macro you compare the with IS_FIXED() value with the temp keyfigure to check if a cell has been fixed.

This should work "ok" as long as there are not too many keyfigures and areas to be watched since the permanent comparing after every change (especially as a default macro) might be a little bit performance intensive.