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How to make Form Print Output conditional upon Freight Order Status change - using PPF

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Dear TM Experts,

Can someone please guide me on how to make Printing of Shipping Form Output from Freight Order dependent upon the attainment of specific status in Freight Order?

I have done the following things:

1.) Assigned Output Profile to Freight Order Type.

2.) In Output Management Adapter Settings, assigned Action Profile to Agent Class of BO /SCMTMS/TOR using a PPF Output agent (and tick 'Enable' checkbox).

3.) Maintained PPF settings in SPPFCADM (Action definition, Processing Type with PDF Form, Scheduling condition for the Action Profile maintained in the previous step).

How do I now set the system in such a way that the Output is only triggered when Status of Freight Order Changes? Will that need to be hardcoded inside the Method call of Scheduling Condition?

Which field would denote a Header status of Freight Order.

Kindly suggest.


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Sam,

maybe just a hint on how this is done for the standard print outputs.

You can check how for example this is done for standard Print Outputs on Freight Orders in /SCMTMS/CL_PPF_SERV_FOR_TOR=>can_schedule_action_by_abap( ), here the differnet print outputs are scheduled via the separate implementations e.g. method check_sched_tor_printout checks different statuses like the subcontracting and execution status for different outputs.

Maybe also check following post: