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How to lock the batch & its quantity while using the function module VB_BATCH_DETERMINATION

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Hi all,

I have a requirement where I have to determine the batch manually in an enhancement. I am using FM VB_BATCH_DETERMINATION for it. I am able to find out the available batches & respective available quantity.

In SAP standard when a batch determination takes place while creating a Production order using CO01, if a batch and its quantity is picked, it gets locked and not available to utilize this quantity anywhere else when the same batch is used.

Problem Statement : The same is not happening when I am executing this FM in the custom enhancement.

I would like to have the same functionality in the custom logic i.e. the execution of the FM VB_BATCH_DETERMINATION should lock the quantity & batch. How we can achieve that?

If not using the above FM, is there any other way that can be used to lock the batch & its respective quantity so that the same stock is not available anywhere else for any type of postings.

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