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How to identify tstreamid

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I want to know how this table configure SAPAPO/TSTROBJR because i am getting dump (BAPI_APOATP_CHECK) when we try to create order from interface due to missing of customer in OBJKEY for the unloading point JPXX. I want to know what is the link between sales order inputs and this table while creating order.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ram,

When the ATP check from a sales order triggers the scheduling in APO, the APO system reads the goods receiving hours from the ship-to party in ECC and saves it in a generated timestream with name "SAPxxxxxx" in APO. If the generation of this timestream fails you get an error...e.g. if the goods receiving hours are somehow inconsistent.

Please check the shipto-party masterdata in ECC - esp. the definition of the goods receiving hours with unloading point JPXX.

Hope this helps.

best regards,


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