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How to get a list of all EWM managed materials

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Is there an SAP standard transaction to get a list that generates all EWM managed materials?

Similar to what MM60 can do, except with a column indicating the materials is EWM.


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Hi John,

EWM-relevance of a warehouse on the ERP side is defined via table /SPE/V_T340_E and field DECSY (value = E).

That warehouse number is assigned to one or more storage locations (table T320).

Assuming you know (or have found out via /SPE/V_T340_E and T320) which combination of plant and storage location is assigned to the warehouse (number) in question you could use MM17 on the ERP side (table MARD) to select relevant materials. Once you have the list you could use the print functionality to work your way to the download option.

Alternatively, you could use the quick viewer SQVI for table MARD to get to the same result. Using SQVI you could also add information for from other related tables like MARA or MARC.

Yet another option is SE16 for MARD if you only need the material numbers. Or you code a little report starting from /SPE/V_T340_E and / or T320 and MARD.

BR Andreas

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Product and Topic Expert
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"Is there an SAP standard transaction to get a list that generates all EWM managed materials?"

What is an "EWM managed material"? There is nothing like that.

You want to see Material you have on stock? That you check in the warehouse management monitor.

You would to know which materials could be in the EWM warehouse? The you check on plant / storage location level. All products which are created for a storage location which is connected to an EWM warehouse, could be in that warehouse. Any any other, as soon as you create it for the storage locations.




All the above is no official SAP statement.

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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

And if your question includes the word "transfer order" - do NOT tag the question with Extended Warehouse Management!

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Hello John,

Can you elaborate on your use case?

Release? Deployment option?

You could use the EWM Warehouse Management Monitor with Node for "Product" (Tx code /SCWM/MON).

The selection screen offers radio buttons for selection of products which are maintained for the warehouse number or products which are not maintained for the warehouse number but available in system.

The result list also has a flag that indicates which products already have "Warehouse Product" maintained.

If your selection is too large to select and view in front-end, you can schedule monitor nodes in background and send results to spool.



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Hi Patrick,

Business case is simply to pull total number of SFG and FG materials into a file for reference purposes, so that it can be parsed with another SAP export.

In /SCWM/MON, I do not see a node in the menu path for "Product", could it be an authorization issue? My access/authorization is quite limited at this client.

Are there any standard transactions not in EWM that I can use?