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how to enable user variable option in IW29

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Thanks in advance,

When I try to access Goto>User Variables in IW29 report, its greyed out. I am unable to access it. How can I activate User Variables Option

Please help me out.

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Answers (1)

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It seems that the User Variables Option is not enabled.

To enable the user variable option in the IW29 transaction, you will need to make some customizing settings in the SAP system. Here is an overview of the steps you need to follow:

  1. Go to the SAP Customizing application and navigate to SPRO > Plant Maintenance and Customer Service > Maintenance and Service Processing > Technical Objects > Maintenance and Service Processing > Maintenance and Service Orders > Define User Status for Technical Objects.
  2. In the Define User Status for Technical Objects screen, you can create new user statuses or change existing ones.
  3. Here you can assign user statuses to the equipment type of your choice.
  4. Once you have created the user status, you can go to the IW29 transaction and you will find a new tab named "User Status" where you will be able to maintain the value of user variable.
  5. You can also change the settings of the IW29 screen layout to include the user status fields in the initial screen.

Please note that the above steps are just an overview of how to enable the user variable option in IW29 and the actual implementation may vary depending on the version of SAP you are using.