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How to effectively plan Parcel sized freight units with a FTL Freight Order through the Optimizer?

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Hi Experts,

Good Day!

Our client is looking to setup a planning process where they are looking to consolidate parcel sized freight units (Lesser than 200 LBS) with FTL freight orders through the VSR optimizer. Their intention is to effectively use the FTL shipping process as much possible.


Basically, if the Destination Stop and the shipping dates of a parcel freight unit aligns with the attributes of an existing FTL Freight order/ Transportation Plan, They wish to add the parcel FU to the FTL truck and ship it as a FTL shipment instead of shipping it through the usual parcel process (Fedex or UPS), However, they do not wish to add these parcel FU's to a FTL Freight order if they create an additional stop for the truck. They want to prevent a scenario where the FTL truck travels an additional 50+ miles just to drop off an parcel sized shipment (Example: 50 LBS) at the customer location and have a "Stop-Off" charge added to the Freight Order. (Which could be costlier than shipping the Parcel FU through the normal parcel process).

I am wondering if we can setup the above constraints for the VSR Optimizer by using the "Costs for Additional Stops" and "Quantity Costs" fields in the Cost and Constraints settings of the planning profile.

Kindly let me know if this requirement can be achieved by effectively managing the "Planning Costs" or should we look at writing a custom logic in the post processing BADI of the VSR Optimizer?

Thanks and Regards,

Saravana Kumar S

SAP TM Consultant

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Saravana,

considering that you talk about up to 200lbs, I would say your requirement is somewhere between parcel and ltl, just to not get confused with the attached documentation.

Shouldn't be the usage of DSO exactly fit your requirement + the usage of fix stop cost fit your requirement. This way you could determine the direct shipment cost for one of these freight units vs the cost if they would be included into an FTL freight order with an additional stop or not? In case you are not aware of DSO process, please find link below: