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How to create Clear PSA warehouse task based on Product Group? (it only works for Product)

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I am unable to create WTs in 'Clear Production Supply' Fiori app because of the following error: Cannot find warehouse process type for clearing PSA for bin xyz.

However, I have maintained the 'Clear PSA WPT' in /SCWM/PSASTAGE along with the Product Group. I have also maintained the Product Group in /SAPAPO/MAT1 for the same product.

  1. When the Product is maintained in PSASTAGE, I am successful in creating WTs.
  2. But when I maintain the Product Group instead of Product, I see the error.

Can you please help with what could be the reason for this?

Note: staging is single-order staging.


juergen.pitz , uuuuu5uu , j_blohm - would appreciate if you could take a look at this question. Thanks a lot.

Thank you.



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Answers (2)

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This was corrected in the meantime, issue was due to S/4 stack conversion. Implement note 3069030.

If you are having a hard time with the harmonized control cycles + ewm product groups, implement note 3100643 as well.

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Hi Sahil,

Your scenario is generally supported, the return WPT will be determined in the following order:

- with MATID:

- if there's no entry with MATID: by mat. group

- if there's no entry with MATID: general entry by PSA

Have you maintained the product group type in the customizing? It's in SPRO --> SCM Extended Warehouse Management --> Extended Warehouse Managemen --> Master Data --> Production Supply --> Maintain Product Group Type for PSA Assignment.

There's really not much else to it, the system looks into PSASTAGE as I described and then uses the WPT that's defined there.

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Hi Jonas, thanks for responding. Yes, the Product Group Type is maintained in SPRO.

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Hi Sahil,

Trying to figure out what the exact issue is, some clarifications:

Regarding PSASTAGE maintenance:

Product needs to be empty if you use product group and there must not be another, more specific entry (i.e. PSA+the exact product). Meaning, you need one entry maintained in PSASTAGE with data: Entitled + PSA + product group - bin, staging method, reversal WPT.

That's all, do not maintain the product in the same entry and do not maintain another entry for the entitled/PSA/product combination. Also, make sure the storage bin where your stock is currently located matches the storage bin that's maintained in PSASTAGE.

Product group:

Make sure the product group that is maintained in PSASTAGE is also maintained in the product with the same product group type that you have assigned in customizing. But I think this should be obvious and you have already ensured that this is the case, no harm in double-checking though.

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Hello folks,

I am getting the exact same issue, any clue how to solve this?