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How to confirm last putaway WT by MFS resource

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Dear Community,

after confirming a HU to the last communication point in the pre-storage the original WT with WPT 1010 is active. Now a stacker crane has to put it to the MFS-managed storage type. This is not a HU-WT, and there is no inactive WT available (this used to be the inactive WT). This two seems to be the reason why the WT keeps being in KZSUB = Y not X, also no telegram being created and sent.

Normally the putaway WTS are technically product WTs with the "Whole HU-Movement (HOMVE)" field checked and the source and destination HU being the same.

Could you please help me how does the very standard ("Best Practice") scenario work for that case, meaning how the MFS should get this product WT?

Thanks in advance,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Tamas Marton,

I do not have exact answer, but in Putaway you can have HU WTs, see process type customizing (Select HU Without Storage Process). Or in Process oriented Control you need to remove the checkbox for Product WT creation.



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