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How to Change custom fields as editable at EWM Outbound delivery(/SCWM/PRDO)

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My requirement is to add a custom field at the Outbound delivery /SCWM/PRDO header level.
I have created a custom Function Group/screen and implemented BADI /SCWM/ES_DLV_UI_SCREEN BADI: /SCWM/EX_DLV_UI_SCREEN
The field shows up in the ALV Grid and in the form display but it is read-only. How can I make these editable? Request your valuable inputs.

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in /SCWM/PRDO whether a field is editable or not depends on the field control. Each header/item has an item/header type which is assigned to a field control profile (which contains a list of fields and a basic logic if and how they are changeable). See "Define Field Control Profiles" in EWM-IMG. Here you can either assign a logic for your field dependent on delivery status, or you can assign it to a group (which has a predefined logic). With this e.g. you can control that a field is only editable until it is picked, GI posted,... more complex logic can be done using BAdIs..

Basis for this is that you have a "logical field name" for your field which identifies it for the field control. See EWM-IMG " search for "Define Logical Field Names".

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