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How to Cancel GR posting from COGI

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Dear expert

I need your help, user accidentally delete the error log in COGi after cancel production order confirmation with error, now I do not know how to reverse the stock.

So here the details that user did before:

1. Confirm order with CO15

2. Order confirmed with error goods receipt

3. User correct error in COGI and saved it

4. Goods receipt FG movement type 101 success, material document created

5. Cancel confirmation with CO13

6. Confirmation cancelled with error (because it is reversed from the error confirmation before)

7. Delete error log in COGI (not doing any correction), saved it

8. Material doc not created, stock not reversed

Now order confirmation is cancelled, but stock is not reversed.

How to reverse the stock? is it ok to use MB31 T-code to reverse the stock?

I tried using MB31 but the accounting document number generated was different

Thanks & Regards

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