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How to assign WT to sub-HU in picking process with nested HU

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We are using S4CORE107 EWM 2021.

In pick point process used combination of POSC and LOSC with pick point. With Low level HU it works fine, able to drag and drop warehouse task into new pick HU. Whereas in case of nested HU if I drag and drop warehouse task to low level HU for picking, SAP gives error as Specify the correct lower-level HU

Example: -

After this I want to pick the product from sub-HU like 129 or 130 or 131 and try to assign warehouse task to any sub-HU then SAP gives error

Error " Specify the correct lower-level HU Message No. /SCWM/L3696 "

Request you to please help with the solution.



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Hello Experts,

I found the workaround by changing WPT HU picking control to 3.

And created new pick HU in the work center. Then updated manually in the WT 1000013355 with Low level HU number 130 as a source HU instead a top HU and New Pick HU in the destination storage type and confirmed it in foreground. After completion of HU process step in pack transaction, SAP triggers new WT for moving new pick HU to staging area with the required quantity. For balanced quantity WT is also triggered to move the stock to warehouse. I referred SAP note 3059968. Hope this is right solution!? It works for manual confirmation,

Whereas my concern now for RF. In RF do we have to do any enhancement or SAP has any ready solution?

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