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How to add a keyboard shortcut to execute a SAP Script

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Hi everybody, my first question here in SAP Community 🙂 I hope I make my self clear related to the point that i want to ask, so here it go:

Here on the company that I am working we are using simple SAP scripts to automate some mechanical proccess.

The main point is that every time that we want to execute a script, we have to click on "Playback Script", select the script that we want to execute and execute.

For an specific proccess, we have 5 different types of script that must be executed deppending on the user analysis.

The question is: Today we have always to click on "Playback Script", select one of these 5 scripts and execute. Is there a way to add an individual keyboard shortcut to execute each one of these scripts? For example

Shift+F1 -> Execute Script 1

Shift+F2 -> Execute Script 2
Shift+F3 -> Execute Script 3
Shift+F4 -> Execute Script 4

And so on...

I would like to thank you guys in advance for the help, I had learned a lot with some posts of this community.

Best Regards

Jonas Olsen

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