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How sap custom class will move to Production environment?

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Hi All,

There is a sap custom class which has multiple methods. some methods are already modified and saved in one TR. Now i want to make changes in one of the method and needs to move only that particular method to Production environment. My question is while i move my method, is system will move entire class to production environment or only my method will be move to production ?


Nagarajan S.

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Look at the objects in your transport request:

  • R3TR CLAS <classname> : transports the whole class
  • LIMU METH <classname><methodname> : transports the method only

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Answers (2)

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If your class is already transported and you change a method - but not its definition - the ONLY the method will be recorded in the transport and sent to production.

Look at the contents of the transport - the actual object list.

R3TR CLAS <classname> is a full class

LIMU METH <classname> ... <method> is just the method you changed.

There are a few other LIMU components for class that cover local types, unit tests, public, private, protected headers etc.

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Check out the locks in the TR and you'll most likely find that the whole class is locked.

In this case, editing a single method will NOT require a new TR and you won't be able to transport your method by itself.