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How i can make KF non editable in particular Planning View template in IBP?

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Hi Experts ,

Similar to SAP APO, where we can manage the editability of KF in each Planning Book and Data View Separately using ADVM/Macro. can we do the same in IBP? if so kindly guide me how.

e.g. in APO Planning Book PB1, DV1 - KF1 is all Editable, in PB1, DV2, the same KF1 can me made as Non -Editable and Planners who are assigned to PB1-DV2, can only view the KF1 data.

in IBP , Can i create a planning View template similar to the above ? where Planner in one view can have KF1 all editable where is in next template same KF1 will be not editable and Planner can only view the KF1 Data ?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello daeboo183

In a nutshell thier is no standard way to control the editibility of a KF based on planning view, as we use to have that in APO. The reason is in APO we assign macros at a PB/DV level and in IBP we use KF expression at a KF level.What you want to achieve can only be done by using custom VBA codes, where based on the worksheet Id you can develop data validation logic to prevent editing of KF in a particular planning view.But if you want to control the editibility of KF based on time periods, user roles, planning level then you can leverage the feature called "Editibility horizon of Key figures" in IBPHope this helps

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