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how freight and cost is calculated in shipment request?

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Hi All,

I have created shipment rrequest in that freight rate and cost are not determeined.

Could you please let me know the possible causes?



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Transportation Charge Management Settings need to be maintained in order to calculate cost. i.e. Setting up freight agreement, Tariff, Transportation Charge Calculation Sheets, rates, scales etc. Please Refer SAP help for charge management setup. Once that is done, you can automatically trigger charge calculation based on customizing or manually trigger it.

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SPRO --> Logistics Execution ..> Transportation ....> Shipment cost ---> Shipment cost Document -

> Shipment cost types and Item categories.

Could you check for item category '0002'

--> TVFT-ABREL from 'X' to 'A'

--> TVFT-BESER from 'B' to SPACE

In the customizing the following item categories are assigned to

shipment cost type 0001:

0002 - Shipment Header - Automatically

0003 - Shipment Header - Manually

0004 - Shipment Header - Manually

0001 - Shipment Leg - Manually

0005 - Load Transfer Point - Automatically

0006 - Border Crossing Point - Automatically

Now it depends on the data of your shipment:

If only the header of the shipment is marked as shipment cost relevant,

then the system will pick up only item category '0002'.

You can manually add more line items in the shipment cost document

using the item categories '0003' and '0004'.

If only the leg of a shipment is marked as shipment cost relevant,

then the system won't determine an item category automatically as

there is no item category defined as 'automatically' and relevant

for Shipment Leg.

If the header and leg of a shipment are marked as shipment cost

relevant, then the system will pick up item category 0002 for the

first line item and you can create another line item using item

category '0001'.

Check all settings has been done as per Note 427944