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How can I create and Confirm Warehouse Task in one step using API?

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Hello Experts,

Seeking help from someone who came across this issue. I have copied S999 WPT and ticked both "Confirm Immediately" and "Propose Confirmation" but looks like this only help if you are creating WT in the foreground. 

I am calling api_warehouse_order_task_2/srvd_a2x to create and hoping it should just confirm WT automatically by above config. I have also tried using separate call SAP__self.ConfirmWarehouseTaskExact to confirm but now getting error and system forcing me to assign resource etc. which I believe is not required as we are not using Warehouse Orders nor RF. 

My requirement is simple, want to create WT via api and confirm immediately and hoping this can be achieved by config.

Thanks for your input. 

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