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Heuristik Storage Ressoruce

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I have a question about the heurisitk algorithm and storage location. If I run the heurisitk, the key figures in my demo are fine. But the follow key figures are emtpy although I have a storage ressource:

stock on hand
projected stock
Inventory target.

Can anybody explain me, which customizing entries I need, that this keyfigures wil lbe fullfill ?



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Oliver

Stock On Hand - This KF is stored KF and has to be loaded with On Hand stock for Prod/Loc

Inventory Target - This KF is calculated KF based on the Adjusted Safety Stock and Safety Stock. Safety Stock is calculated from IO output. This KF is input KF to Supply Planning, it can be NULL. This KF is used to calculate Net Demand.

Projected Stock - This is the out KF of Supply Planning based on Stock on Hand, Receipts and Supply.

Make sure you have Dependent Demand for a location based on the Consensus Demand. If there is no demand to fulfill, you won't see any Projected Stock.

Please go through the link for more information on Time Series Supply Planning Heuristic.



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