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Help with SAP SNC Web UI - Supplier View

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Hello All - Would be glad if one of you could help me regarding the issue I have been facing.

I am not able to open the supplier view WEB UI from the SAP GUI. I performed all the config steps by activating the nodes following the config guide. I also made sure the host server is active in SMICM transaction. What other steps need to be performed to get the SNC WEB UI screen. Right now when I click on the SNC Supplier view Web UI, I get a blank white screen. I checked the format for this from and it seems to be right.

If you can help us with any pointers on where we are getting stuck, that would be of immense help.

I appreciate your help.

I look forward to hearing from you. I followed the following steps as outlined in a previous thread

You have to activate the HTTP services to get Web pages follow the following steps:

1. To carry out the activity, choose one of the following navigation options:

SAP ICH Role Menu: Activating Services

Transaction Code SICF

SAP IMG Menu: mySAP SCM - Implementation Guide --> SAP Web Application Server -->

Web Applications --> Activate HTTP Services

2. On the Maintain service screen expand the node level by level. For each of the node, right-click on the node and choose Activate to activate the relevant services:

Path Settings

default_host --> sap --> option Activate all

default_host --> sap --> public Activate all

default_host --> sap --> bc --> bsp --> incmd Activate all

default_host --> sap --> bc --> bsp --> sap Activate all

default_host --> sap --> bc --> bsp --> scf Activate all

default_host -->sap --> bc --> bsp --> scmb Activate all

default_host -->sap --> bc --> bsp_dev Activate

default_host --> sap --> bc --> cachetest Activate

default_host --> sap --> bc --> graphics Activate all

default_host --> sap --> bc --> htmlviewer Activate

default_host --> sap --> bc --> igs_data Activate

default_host --> sap --> bc --> mlt Activate all

default_host --> sap --> bw --> Mime Activate

You must expand all nodes and activate them individually; the sub-node is not activated automatically when the parent node is activated.

3. After activating all relevant services, choose default_host --> sap --> bc --> bsp --> scf --> uibsp, double-click on this node.

4. On the Create/Change a Service screen, choose Change and enter the following data:

Field name Description

Enter a description e.g. Login as Internet User

Goto Logon data tab Basic Authentication Choose this option Standard SAP User

5. Choose Store, Confirm the information message with Enter, and assign a change request when it is requested.

6. Choose Cancel to go back, right-click on this node and choose Activate to activate it again.

7. Choose Back to quit the transaction.

After following above steps you should be able to get SNC web pages.

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Hello Ashvin,

check out below link

Also check whether SAP note 517484 is applicable to you or not.



Edited by: Nikhil P on Oct 13, 2011 1:31 PM

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Thanks Nikhil. I added the domain in the hosts file and I was able to access the Supplier view


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Hi Nikhil & Ashvin,

I am getting HTTP 500 ERROR. Tried doing all but nothing help so posting here. Plz help.

This server is not connecte to any domain but it's on Virtual Machine. I set the IP address to it & the same in the host file too.

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Go to ST22 and check the details available in the dump.



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I am not able to understand anything from ST22.

Plz help.